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Strategic Marketing Consultancy

Stratejik Pazarlama Danışmanlığı

Customer-oriented marketing activities are undeniably of vital importance for a company’s success in today’s world. While designing advanced technology-based and/or innovative products though, leaving aside the analysis of the customers’ and the market’s needs can really cost the companies in strategy development and marketing processes. With our tailor-made solutions geared specifically to your needs, we turn this risk into a competitive advantage for your company.

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We develop strategic marketing plans employing the right marketing tools at the right time while using the methodologies based on our experiences with the latest technologies.

Throughout our collaboration, we constantly evaluate the feedback we get from your customers and the market. As a result, we constantly focus on optimizing your marketing strategy, products and processes.  


Strategic marketing is about positioning your products and services at the right time, at the right place and in the right manner. It is done by analyzing the opportunities and threats in your target market and unraveling your strengths and weaknesses against your competitors. In this journey, we mainly focus on 3 core questions: What is the current state of your company in the market? What are the strengths, weaknesses, competition, the opportunities and the threats. Where do you want to be in the near future? How can we reach there? What will be the action plan to maintain this marketing strategy and its steps? What will be the budget?

1. Current State Analysis


With our current state analysis, backed up with our product-market research findings, we determine your company’s areas to be improved, resources to be needed and

the processes to be optimized. ​

7. Feedback and Evaluation

At the end of this process, we analyze and evaluate it using our assessment tools and methodology in order to set new goals for the near future of your company.

6. Application


Unlike average consultants out there in the business, we meet with you on a weekly and monthly basis to go over the application process like a stakeholder in your company. 

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1. Current

State Analyses

2. Understanding

The Customer

3. Market 


4. Goals,

Key Success  Factors

5. Strategy Development

6. Application

7. Feedbacks & Evaluation

2. Understanding the Customer


By segmenting your customers, we analyze your customer’s needs and expectations.

3. Market Analysis

By analyzing your market and competitors, we evaluate trends and opportunities for your company. 

5. Strategy Development


Following up on the goals that are determined, we prepare a strategic marketing plan uniquely designed for your company.

4. Goals and Key Success Factors


Together with you, we set SMART goals and key success factors. We design the action plan to achieve all of these goals step by step.

Corporate Competence Development

Kurumsal Hedeflere Yönelik Yetkinlik Gelişimi

In our competence development trainings, we endow you with sustainable skills that you can immediately apply in your business lives. With the communication toolbox we offer, you will make a significant difference in the way you communicate with your customers in your next visit.


What is the common trait among the sales force members who can sign 7-digit deals with the most challenging customers, the thoughts leaders whose videos are viewed a million times, or the business people with thousands of followers?


Effective Communication Skills


They must have spent hours on researching, reading, experimenting, observing, and revising their communication style. After an analysis of your current status and your needs of your team, as Consilium, we develop a training program geared for your immediate needs.


We design our workshops and trainings considering your company goals, corporate culture and dynamics. We make sure that you leave our trainings feeling highly competent and confident in conveying your message to your internal and external customers accurately and effectively.


Our Core Competence Areas



Based on our expertise and years of experience in sales and marketing, we can curate workshops customized for your goals and customer profile. We benefit from our experience in the field and the latest developments with the best practices in the field. In our workshops, our participants analyze sales concepts along with the psychology of a customer. Working on alternative scenarios, they have roleplays with various customer profiles in several different situations. As a result, our participants become well-equipped for challenging sales situations. We also offer a one-on-one coaching for your customer visits. 




Thanks to our academic work in the field of organizational psychology, we help you unfold the complexities in the human nature and guide you towards how to better understand and manage a human’s intricate mind. How can we convey our message in the most concise way? How can we keep our reptilian brain (R-Complex) under control and not regret what we said in the moments of disagreement and crisis? How do we manage to keep our communication going even when the going gets tough? How can you appeal to your audience better in your presentations? In our workshops, we find answers to such questions together and provide you with solutions we develop based on your company needs.




A true leader is the compass of their team. Their vision and mission leads both the team and the company. It is important to first lead ourselves successfully so that we can become an efficient leader for our team. In order to achieve this, we not only work on developing your mutual corporate vision and mission together with you but also create an alignment in the team’s values along with effective management strategies in our workshops.

Market Analysis

Pazar Analizi

We conduct a thorough market research in different segments to find out about your existing and/or potential customers’ views and preferences on your company, products, and services. With our one-on-one conversations and wide-scale questionnaires, we evaluate the most recent experiences, preferences, and expectations of your customers objectively. We use data analysis software programs to analyze the data and curate guiding strategies to make your company succeed more in the market. The data we collect adds value to your journey in reaching your goals and we are proud of being a part of it.

“When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.”

Dale Carnegie

Author, Educator, Opinion Leader

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